Thursday, July 29, 2010

BAK 2010: Day 7

June 10, Thursday

Well, today was the day for our Kansas Flinthills and tallgrass prairie. Before we got to them, one of Amy's Achilles tendons acted up and she could not pedal without great pain. We stopped at a Sag Stop and talked to them. She could stay there until she could catch a ride with someone driving to our next overnight city. Reluctantly we leave her behind and head out. Dan and Cody take lead and I won't see them until I reach Osage City for the night.

I hit the sign designating the Flint Hills and keep on. The towns are far apart and I'm not sure where lunch will be, but I'll figure it out as I go. The hills were very long but not particularly steep. Never been on hills that long. It becomes a muscle burn. I think I'd like the scenery just as fine through a car windshield.

The designated lunch town was too early. I'm hungry when I hit Allen, but it's not a city that responded to BAK planning staff. It's just too small. The only hot food was the local bar, but it was a neat place to spend time. Food was good and the wait staff did a good job.

On to Osage City. The school had a confusing layout. Most of these schools have been added on to a little at a time and tend to meander around. Plenty of food vendors again, and all is good.

I'm pleased that I can keep up with the biking. Still not fast but I am steady and no body parts are injured or in pain. I think I'll make it.

64.9 miles
Vavg 11.7
5 hrs 29 minutes
Nite: Osage City

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