Monday, September 22, 2008

Market Time

Market's are fun to stroll through. This market is one I remember from childhood and it's still kicking. The family business is one of the big ones in the Topeka area. They must be doing something right. Fertile Kansas River bottom land doesn't hurt, either. Never know what you'll find in the Market. Had to buy some peanut brittle when I bought the peaches.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pigs Can Fly!

The wife and I are just finishing up our first season of watching hummingbirds at our first feeder. These little guys are a hoot to watch. And boy can they eat a lot! When they're getting bulked up to migrate south they really suck down the sugar water. I think the males have started the migration. The feeder requires much less refilling. Book says the females will follow shortly. I often complained when I had to clean and fill the feeder, but I'll sure miss them when they're gone.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Camping Time

The wife and I made it out camping. It's been a while. We pull a 26' trailer now, but started with a tent when we got married. Then migrated to a pop-up trailer when the kids came along and finally to this trailer. We love to camp but just don't make it often enough. We have routines for packing and set-up and take down. When you don't go often, you get rusty. It's neat when we act as a team to do the tasks it takes to camp. We each have our jobs and it all works with little communications. And we get to relax a little more now without the kids. Less planning on how to fill time and less supervision required (other than the wife would still say she must supervise me).