Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring's Here

Well, I think Spring has arrived in eastern Kansas. I think that deserves a journal entry. Never know in the future when one will ponder historic trends. The wife is getting antsy to plant the vegetable garden so I dashed out last night and tilled the garden. I feel it's going to be a good year for growing things. Soil looks real nice, assuming you like dirt.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Joy In Order

This project took way too long to get going. Years of contemplation. I should have just done it a decade ago: building shelves for the kitchen pantry.

I usually said I'll do it in the Spring when it's ideal working condition in my garage/shop. But I waited too long. To save some do-it-yourself dignity I did it this month in a very cold garage, just to get it off "the list". But it's done! Looks fine and I get a warm feeling seeing all the order it has instilled in our kitchen supplies. Wilma doesn't take it to that level, but loves the shelves anyway.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Five Cents Worth

Back in Little Rock for a little business travel. Time to kill so I sketched a Jefferson nickle I found with a really neat Lewis & Clark engraving on the back (Jefferson was the president to authorize their expedition, so it all ties together well). Tried out Noodler's ink in my new fountain pen in my new sketch book. The waterproof (?) ink still doesn't work. It didn't work in my Moleskine Sketch books either, so I'll give up on it for my watercolor pencil work. I still like it for writing (and calligraphy) and pen and ink sketching. Had a chance to get into Ozark Outdoor Supply store again (maybe I shouldn't bag on women who like to shop). It's a house converted into a retail store. They have serious gear for hiking, backpacking and canoe/kayaking. Just packed to the walls with stuff. Love the place.