Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sketch Crawls

I've made it to the last two Sketch Crawls in Excelsior Springs. That's just northeast out of Kansas City. They're organized by Kate Johnson. The June crawl was at Van Till Farms, just outside of town. It's an interesting blend of winery, restaurant, green houses to supply the restaurant, and part time pizzeria. Never been there before, but I cruised their website in advance. Their old-style masonry wood-fired oven is a slap the the face of technology. The work tools caught my eye initially, so I sat out in the sunny heat to sketch and sweat. Then I moved around for the other views. We would then sit and chat and eat. This is only my third crawl so I'm still getting into the swing of it.

Then the July Sketch Crawl was in the town at their City Hall. The building name is Hall of Waters, and hails back to their heyday as a resort town using their mineral waters. This place is build with interesting architecture and materials. I don't know the name of the style, but it has plenty of sketch potential. I started outside in the heat but came in after an hour.

My next sketch will be about our recent lightning strike that wiped out a bunch of electronics. This is added onto a hail storm in April. Bunches of insurance claims. The sketch is in my mind.

On the good side of life, my herb garden has proved to be very delicious. It's fun to cook with them. The smell is heavenly. I'll need a sketch of that, too. Stay tuned.