Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tyler Bend

Ozark country! I have two routes to choose from to get down to Little Rock and one routes through Branson and over the Buffalo River. The Tyler Bend Visitors Center is on that path. I like to stop by and take a break. Feel the water. Talk to any staff if the Center is open. This time is no different.

Recent rains and snows of flooded the watershed. The springs are running high so the Buffalo is running high.The forest floor duff has absorbed the water and spreads a clear scent in the air that makes we want to just settle down here and forget about life anywhere else. Throw in the pine scent and I just had to stay a while longer in the parking lot and sketch the Center. 

A light windless rain was falling, too, and some would spill in the open doors and windows of the car. I sat in the middle so the sketchbook didn't get wet. If I had rain gear it would have made great hiking weather. I waited until I got home to add the color and text. Didn't have THAT much time. Wish I could have bottled up the clean air.

Biz in LR

Time for business travel to Little Rock. Brought the sketch gear just in case I could grab some time. Didn't have much because I had a coworker with me this time. But I did have one night on my own. I headed down to The Heights. They have a wonderful outdoor supply store there. Then there is a array of little boutiques that don't do much for me but create a neat atmosphere that draws people in. The elevation is high for Little Rock so I'm sure there's a history of the area.

For this sketch I sat on a bench next to the sidewalk with this view in front of me. It was nearing sundown. Once I had the ink work done it was too dark to finish so I walked down a couple blocks to the local Starbucks, bought a skinny latte and grill cheese for supper and added the color and text. It was finished when I walked back to the car. A young mom, probably on business, too, did a FaceTime call to her husband and two cute kids. I couldn't see them but I could here their cute voices. Some others were studying and a few late shoppers. Quiet mix.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

That Time Of Year

Spring is getting close! This weekend's warm temps have gotten us thinking about the garden. First step is always tilling the garden, which is my task.

We once owned a tiller. That rascal was a maintenance nightmare. I spent more time tending it than using it, and it was far from dependable. When it finally aged out I decided to simply rent every year. The frustration is gone. The cash flow is reduced. Yes, I have less control over my time, but that's a small price to pay. I've sketched about this before.

When I was finished tilling I still had time left. The sun was shining and the temps around 70F, so I decided it would be a good time to sit quietly and sketch and relax. It was time well spent! I decided to sketch, paint and post in the same day to make it almost real-time.