Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring 2012

Things around here have been growing like crazy, like most place in the country this year. No long freezes this year. I think the plants were primed and ready to start. This is only my second year in a new herb garden bed, and they're going to town. No basil to plant yet, but we're eating the perennials now. The air is just right now, too. Our summers can be oppressively hot and humid in Kansas, so I'm enjoying the pre-summer temperatures. It's nice to lounge around on the porch listening to the birds, bugs and frogs.

On the sad side, we lost our Shadow this month. His hips just gave out. At 16 he was really 112. He was the last of two dogs we adopted from the Humane Society for our two very young kids. Nikki, the first one, died about four years ago. Both taught our kids a love of animals and confirmed that Wilma and I are both dog people.

Now we sit back, wait for the dandelion poison to work, and curse the frequent mowing required this time of year. But I still smile.