Tuesday, January 17, 2017

August '16 Alaska Cruise, Part II

That's it for the trip. We could sure do that more often. Just need to find that money tree.

August '16 Alaska Cruise, Part I

This is our first cruise. Took 35 years of marriage to pass before we made it happen. I didn't know if I'd have time to sketch or not, but I took my gear, anyway. As it turned out I was able to get plenty done and saved enough spaces to finish at home. The journal doesn't capture everything we did, but works with our photo album that, together, helps us remember the trip. Glad I did. I'll let the sketches speak for themselves. We sure enjoyed the trip.

Just one clarification: I don't post these to brag about what we did. I post them because I really enjoy seeing the travel journals of other sketchers and figure maybe somebody might have an interest in how I do it. That's all. I'm not impressed by people that brag about all their worldly travels and won't become one of them.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Retiring A Favorite

I've been keeping these old sandals around so I could sketch them before I threw them away. They served me well or many trips to the great outdoors. They carried me in some tough country and some pedestrian activities like sketch crawls. Before them, I didn't think real men wore sandals. Now I do.  Finally a couple straps pulled out of the foot bed and they can't be fixed. When I bought sandals to replace them I almost felt like I was being unfaithful to them.

On the brighter side, I bought my first real trappers hat! I've worn cheap ones over the years when it really gets cold out. Got my first one when I was in fourth grade. Over the holiday break in Hays I ran across this real wool hand woven tweed cap with rabbit fur lining, and just had to have it. Made in Scotland. We've had three times when temperatures were well below freezing and I've worn it to bring in more firewood or drive to work. It keeps me warm and feels luxurious. The trappers hat doesn't get high points for style, but function is what matters to me.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Hello New Year

Time to start the new year by dusting off the sketch gear and spending some time in my journal. I've been meaning to and just never quite get to it. I like a process that Roz Stendahl has done in the past (RozWoundUp.typepad.com). She'd spend time around New Years doing some activity in each of the various art forms and activities she likes to do throughout the year. She does it in 24 hours. I select a few and spend the three-day weekend catching time to do them. It gives me a chance to see how much (or little) they mean to me. My sketch shows some of them.

My problem is that I collect interests. It's hard to get rid of any, too. They're all rewarding in their own way. I know others have this issue, too.

I wanted to start the year sketching again, too.  Don't know if it will continue on a solid basis or not. My sketch journaling is too rewarding to drop. I'm still processing what I learned from Roz's on-line class on sketching live subjects and need to spend some follow-up time on the skills. Just need more time sketching. Then I need to figure what my goals should be to continue on this sketching journey. There's plenty to learn.

I have done more sketching that I've posted. Wilma and I took our first cruise, and it was to Alaska. We've always wanted to, and kept putting it off. For our 35th anniversary we did. I managed to keep a travel journal, too. From experience I've found that you can't depend on having time to sketch when you travel with someone else. However, I brought my sketch gear just in case. I did my layout and probably half of my sketching on the trip, and finished it at home. I'm thinking of posting it just to show others the type of travel journaling that works for me.

More later.

Monday, November 21, 2016

November Sketchcrawl

I missed the sketchcrawl in October but I made this one. Gail passed on the meeting time for the Urban Sketchers Lawrence group. Gail's group (my normal outing) is not officially an Urban Sketchers group. It's just a group of like-minded sketchers that like to get together. This is my first outing with the formal group. I started my sketch time at the south end of downtown Mass Street with a warm cup of coffee (36 degrees on a cold Sunday morning) and work north.

Wilma and Amy really like Papa Keno's, so that's on our short list of restaurants. Had to sketch Toy Store. Two grandkids now so plenty of reasons to stop and shop.  We go to their Topeka store most often since it's closer to home. Then I had to sketch Sunflower Outdoor because of the gear and clothes we buy there. This area has tons of neat stores and I simply ran out of time to even pick all my favorites. 
The plan was to meet up at 11:30 a.m. at Quintons to eat and share. Being my first time I didn't know anyone, but I carried my sketch book and had my shoulder bag of supplies (the definitive urban sketch aesthetic) and quickly found their table. Not many customers at this hour on a Sunday. I quickly found out this must be a closed group because nobody would talk to me or even look at me standing next to them. I took the hint and Wilma and I found another place to sit. Guess I won't be following this group anymore.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

September Sketchcrawl

Vacation and other matters conflicted with the last two sketch crawls. This time we went to a farm that has 40 acres of sunflowers. Never been there before. It was quite the community event, with families all over! From their conversations I gather that it's an annual event for many families, and they like to take their pictures in the field. This place was in the news last weekend. Law enforcement had to shut down the highway because of all the traffic. They had vehicle accidents, with one motorcycle accident resulting in an injury. We take our sunflower fields seriously around here! Grinter's Farm also sells at the local farmers market and sells the sunflower seeds as bird feed. They have a retail shop near the field. Even sell T-shirts. I have too many T-shirts now, but I sure don't have one that's agriculture-related. Bought one.

June Sketchcrawl

We spent the morning in South Park in Lawrence. I always liked this park. Grass is always trimmed nice. The gazebo is the centerpoint, and the sidewalks meander through. When I looked closer I found the arched artwork on the northwest corner that I hadn't noticed before. Even the light post is interesting.