Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Class Coming

In February I'll be taking an Internet-based drawing class by Roz Stendhahl. It's called Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public and will be held the month of February. Two classes posted per week, with daily homework and two webinars on Saturdays afternoons. That topic is a weakness of mine and a strength of Roz's, so it's a class for me. She says we only need a pencil and sheet paper but says she will introduce techniques using materials on her list. It's sold by Wet Paint in St. Paul and is discounted if purchased as a kit, and most of it I don't have (though I have similar), so I bought it. The kit was delivered before Christmas so, of course, I had to sketch it!

Wilma was taking a weaving class this weekend in Lawrence so I drove her there and headed for a coffee shop to sketch and have a latte. Lovely way to spend time.

I haven't posted it yet because I came down sick with something that took five days of sick time and some antibiotics to get under control. That rarely happens for me. I'm mostly OK now. Time to get back into it.

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Had some time to sketch this morning when Wilma was shopping for her hobbies. We went to Lawrence. Mass Street was a-buzz and we found out we JUST missed their holiday parade, which had horse-drawn rigs! Oh well, maybe next year. As she shopped I walked down the street looking for something to sketch. The Granada theater front just grabbed me. I went in the Amy's Coffeehouse across the street for a coffee to drink as I sketched because there's a chill in the air (any excuse works). Luckily a concrete planter provided a quiet place to sit and sketch. There's a ton of people around.

Lately I've been using my Namiki Falcon flex-nib fountain pen with Noodler's Lexington Grey ink and I just love the responsiveness of the pen. Lines from extra fine to thick with ease. I recently loaded up my Noodlers Ahab flex-nib to play with it more, too. The calligraphist in me likes to play.