Thursday, June 16, 2011

Berry Patch Prep

Everything is waking up around here. I love Spring! The hummingbirds are back. Flowers are up. Wilma's flower and veggi gardens are planted. We're starting to eat fresh veggies.

I can't put off clipping off the dead growth in the blackberry patch, so last night I got busy. I can't seem to get used to Kansas humidity, even though I've been here most of my life. When you don't move around it's fine, but work a little and it gets sticky. Oh well.

Wheat is starting to turn, so harvest isn't far away. When your are a major wheat State, that a significant event, at least in eastern Kansas. Western Kansas has already lost most of the Winter-planted wheat. That's a bad thing.

This is my second year of growing herbs. I plan to sketch later about them. They're not growing very fast but smell great.

Monday, June 13, 2011

High Pressure Fun

I had our deck and porch railing all cleaned and stained for our wedding festivities and visitors, but I didn't get the sketch done right away. Had the pen work finished but I had to clean up the place and store the equipment away before I got the color done. So, I drug out the sprayer last night to finish it and here it is.

That high pressure sprayer is one heavy piece of gear. I'm glad I have a brother to borrow it from. It's fun to use because you can see progress while you're working. There's also something primal about working with water that's fun. Think about it. When you walk by a puddle of water, doesn't an inner voice say "Step In It!". It's the learned cultural side of us that says adults don't do such thing (when other people are around). When you're out in a canoe or kayak or raft you have to smile and splash. Of course swimming is all about fun, even as an adult. With the exception of flooding, water is just plain fun. I also just remembered that human skin is not like that of other typical mammals, but like that of our dolphin friends. We are made for water . . . so step in that puddle!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time's a Changin'

Amy's wedding was Saturday. Wilma and I have been busy (mainly the women) getting ready. Saturday morning Amy and Wilma were getting their hair done etc. etc. and I was left at home, alone, until my first duty, which was to take her dress (which was in a plastic bag I couldn't see into . . . drats!) to the church and pick up a platter of sandwiches for the bridal party. Then show time. So as I set, passing the time of day and listening to music, cup of coffee, I see this champagne cork Amy used for a spiked punch for the girls. I was fiddling with it and, of course, it called out to me to be sketched. Had it done before I went to town for my assigned father duties.

The wedding went fine (other than the sandwich shop didn't see our order and had to do a mad rush to fill it). Words just don't describe it all. It's special (and that sounds so lame). I once thought watching weddings was OK but not THAT mushy. Then our kids got married. Wow!

Note: The purplish color is close to the official event color.