Monday, June 13, 2011

High Pressure Fun

I had our deck and porch railing all cleaned and stained for our wedding festivities and visitors, but I didn't get the sketch done right away. Had the pen work finished but I had to clean up the place and store the equipment away before I got the color done. So, I drug out the sprayer last night to finish it and here it is.

That high pressure sprayer is one heavy piece of gear. I'm glad I have a brother to borrow it from. It's fun to use because you can see progress while you're working. There's also something primal about working with water that's fun. Think about it. When you walk by a puddle of water, doesn't an inner voice say "Step In It!". It's the learned cultural side of us that says adults don't do such thing (when other people are around). When you're out in a canoe or kayak or raft you have to smile and splash. Of course swimming is all about fun, even as an adult. With the exception of flooding, water is just plain fun. I also just remembered that human skin is not like that of other typical mammals, but like that of our dolphin friends. We are made for water . . . so step in that puddle!

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Deborah said...

John, Your post always put a smile on my face. I personally think using that power wash thing would be a blast!