Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Cards

Time to send out the Christmas Cards. The younger generation doesn't seem to be too interested in the tradition, but I won't let loose. We include a family newsletter that I try not to get too braggy or annoying. Digital pictures are easy to add. Then I use my calligraphy tools to add a personal touch on the addresses. It keeps my hand in shape, and is a satisfying project . . . a simple pleasure of the season.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hunting, Day 4

It's the middle of my fourth day deer hunting. Lunch break at home. Didn't see any critters, of any kind. I made this sketch this morning in the field. I just continued sketching my rifle and noticed all the turkey tracks in the snow. They're EVERYWHERE. Been a quiet day in the field, but I was able to listen to the flock of turkeys wake up in the ravine not far from me. Some times I think of all the things that need to get done at home. Xmas shopping. Sending out cards. Working on some bookbinding. So much to do. But setting out for a few hours makes it all slow down ... and I always like a snowy landscape.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hunting, Day 2

Busy time of year. Holidays and hunting season means typical routines, like sketch journaling, get interrupted or modified. I was finally able to make a sketch on my second day of white-tail deer hunting. So far the deer have made it untouched (my luck the last couple years). Haven't seen any yet, but we have tracks all over the place. Today was a beautiful day to sit and watch nothing. It's enjoyable to be settled in before sunrise, in the cold, to watch the fields wake up. My good old turkeys strut by and mosey along. They don't mind me and I love to watch them. Broke out the sketch gear and did the whole page from my ground blind. Kept the water brush in shirt pocket to keep it from freezing. It all works fine, even with gloves. Finished drawings may be another story, though. I'll stick to sketching.