Saturday, March 14, 2015

Biz in LR

Time for business travel to Little Rock. Brought the sketch gear just in case I could grab some time. Didn't have much because I had a coworker with me this time. But I did have one night on my own. I headed down to The Heights. They have a wonderful outdoor supply store there. Then there is a array of little boutiques that don't do much for me but create a neat atmosphere that draws people in. The elevation is high for Little Rock so I'm sure there's a history of the area.

For this sketch I sat on a bench next to the sidewalk with this view in front of me. It was nearing sundown. Once I had the ink work done it was too dark to finish so I walked down a couple blocks to the local Starbucks, bought a skinny latte and grill cheese for supper and added the color and text. It was finished when I walked back to the car. A young mom, probably on business, too, did a FaceTime call to her husband and two cute kids. I couldn't see them but I could here their cute voices. Some others were studying and a few late shoppers. Quiet mix.


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Glad you found some time!

Donn said...

Very Nice, John. Hard to find time when on a busiess trip.