Monday, July 26, 2010

BAK 2010: Day 2

June 5, Saturday

Bright and early, we load our gear in the moving truck labeled for campers. The schedule states a mass start this morning, but, unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Don't know why. Would have been neat. Today is a nice flat ride to Colby. Met another Dad about my age with a T-shirt that said Odd Bird. I had to ask, so he explained his daughter is in California and is the singer in a band with that name. He is spreading the word. That's neat.

39.7 miles
Vavg 13.5 mph
2 hr 56 min
Night: Colby

We got to Colby and our stay was at Colby Community College. Nice campus. We set up camp and see that Twister Bar and Grill is close and we're hungry. As it turns out, BAK bikers fill the bar, with only two tables of 'locals'. Hot sandwiches and cold drinks. Just fine.

Then we rode to their historical museum. The large white barn was moved in, and is a wonder of woodworking. The tent was set up for Chautauqua, but it was for tonight not the afternoon. Wish we could have seen the historic re-enactors.

Real mileage will start tomorrow, with about 65 miles. I'm a bit anxious because I didn't get the training mileage in that I had hoped for. However, I did maintain regular workouts on our cheap home gym stuff. Hopefully that's enough.

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