Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BAK 2010: Day 5

June 8, Tuesday

Once again, we had storms through the night. Kinda getting used to the rumble to sleep by. Packed up wet gear again. The gear stays wet until it's set up at night, but it does dry fast.

We had big open pastures now. Saw some long horn cattle. Amy had a flat at the top of a long hill with a beautiful view. Nice panning, as the view was great the fix a tire. She did it mostly herself.

Lunch was in Hunter, which is a painfully small town in the middle of today's route. BAK hosts three or four meals, and this was one of them. This little town all pulled together to prepare and serve a BBQ chicken sandwich meal with a side and dessert and drink. Very impressive! They had a community bulletin board with each community person's name and responsibility.

Then, in the after, we hit two food stops. The first one was the pie lady from KC, who sets up a roadside restaurant for pie. I had rhubarb! Then, a little further, in a small town the community center was open and the local 4-H group sold pie, ice cream and cookies. Amy and Dan ate there. Some people ate pie at both places. It's a BAK thing.

Then we hit a young family with a lemonade stand. The kids were cute, and were sure interested in the hundreds of bikes riding by their farm. Of course, we had to buy some.

We got into Minneapolis. Set up our tents behind the bleachers on the football field. Showers were scalding hot and unusable. Food vendors around the high school and also a shuttle bus to town offered more. We were hungry and ate at the high school. A potato served on an aluminum pie pan piled high with trimmings! Then we caught the shuttle to town for ice cream in a church basement. Then we walked around the downtown. These small towns are really nice for bicycling. Not too spread out, and the people appreciate the business we bring in.

76.1 miles
Vavg 12.4
6 hrs 6 min
Night: Minneapolis

At the end of the day, Amy sits back and patches the inner tubes for the THREE flats she's had on this trip so far. They're all patched now, and ready for more action.

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