Sunday, July 25, 2010

BAK 2010: Day 1

June 4, Friday

We pulled Friday as a vacation day to get out west to Goodland. Registered there about 4 p.m. Our wives drove us out to the Colorado/Kansas border, took our picture, then left us to pedal back to eastern Kansas. From l. to r.: Dan, Cody, Amy, me. We pedaled back to Goodland. It was a good flat fast ride to build confidence.

19.8 miles
Vavg 14.4
1 hr 33 min
Night: Goodland

I had a chain problem. Real noisy derailleur. Seems my changing of the chain last night a midnight was threaded wrong. I had to break the old chain down and re-thread it there on the road side. Then it worked fine. Nice to know I can handle it.

Camp at Goodland High School. Picture is of Amy and Cody. Each night we have a town (BAK) meeting and tonight's didn't have many people, at least not 850. I suspect they'll join later.


purplepaint said...

Oh my gosh! What a long ride! At least it was sort of downhill.... Marva

john.p said...

You're right, western Kansas is higher than eastern Kansas. However, when your climbing hill after hill after hill in eastern Kansas, that seems a moot point.