Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BAK 2010: Day 6

June 9, Wednesday

Finally, a day without rain. It was a mix of sunny and partially cloudy. I liked the clouds because it kept it a bit cooler. Today I had my introduction to 'rollers', and I like them. They are hills that aren't too long or high, but the downhills are long enough to be fun. We have a mix of pasture (cattle) and crops. The wheat has a couple more weeks and it's ready to harvest. The heads are turning tan but the shafts are still pretty green.

The heads have turned enough that I could eat some wheat berry's. I've done that since I was a kid. It makes a neat chewy gum.

We hit Abilene for lunch. It's a BIG town compared to what we've been through and we had traffic and four lane streets to show for it. They are also big enough that they really didn't care we were coming through. We ate a great buffet at the largest Pizza Hut in Kansas, but they didn't know we were coming through. I ate a lot and never got full. That's one beauty of this BAK thing, and the 'regulars' all joke that BAK stands for Buffet Across Kansas.
In the afternoon we hit a small town selling home made ice cream at their city park. That hit the spot! That's where I saw this older couple and I had to take their picture.

Then we hit Herington. WOW! It was their first time to host a BAK overnighter, and they tied one on for us. (After the ride I conclude this was our best community stay.) As we arrive in town we are greeted by families out in their yards with young kids, all waving. They had townspeople at key intersections directing us when we needed to turn. At one, the person was handing out small bags of Chex-mix type snacks, as we rode by. We hit the high school and set up camp. The superintendent walked around with a bull horn spreading the word for scheduled activities. He was clearly being our father figure for the night, which was a nice touch.

Their local Christian rock band, Red Letter, performed for us in late afternoon. It was hot and sunny, and most BAKers were inside resting. But I love live music so I was there, front and center. Didn't bring my chair. Then I see a young girl, maybe a Kindergartner, struggle to carry a chair to the audience area. The folding chair was about as tall as her! She couldn't quite get it over the parking bumper, so I went over to help her. I carry it to the grass and ask her where she wants it. She thanks me and points over to the area in front of the band and tells me I can set in it. I thank her, but say I'll move it there and she can set in it. Then she explains. She's drinking a fruit juice. She needs to drink it and not get it on her blouse because she's going to play T-ball soon, and she brought the chair for me. Ahhh. A golden moment.

We had tons of food booths set up. When the sun was still up, sales were slow, but as the shade sets in, the crowd supports all of them.

77.4 miles
Vavg 12.4
6 hrs 13 min
Night: Herington

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