Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BAK 2010: Day 3

June 6, Sunday

We had storms through the night, which means packing up wet gear. A sound I like in the mornings is the hiss of the tire pump. After you pump up the tire to 100+ pounds pressure, you hear a big air pressure release hiss when you take take the head off the valve stem. That's a sound you hear all over camp.

We hit a church on the way out of town that had a pancake feed. Long line (get used to it), but good eats.

68.1 miles
Vavg 13.3 mph
5 hrs 5 min
Night: Hill City

As we rode East, the rain clouds followed us, then overtook us. We rode in the rain about 3 hours. Nothing wicked, just wet. Lunch at Trish's in Hoxie. Long line (get used to it), and it took 2 hours. But we were dry and warm inside, and it's wet and cool outside. I didn't mind.

The crickets started singing in the pastures once we passed Hoxie. Starting to see more crops and less pasture. One of the sag stops had our perrenial Sag Hags, all in their fine sleep attire. These ladies have a fun-loving attitude, and it's a shot in the arm to see them for a quick stop.

Arrived in Hill City and set up camp. The town set up a free shuttle bus system to take everyone downtown where food vendors were set up in their city park, and retailers downtown were open. We ate hot sandwiches in the park, then went to Majestic Cornerstone for some ice cream.

This was the first long mileage day and I'm content. My legs are shot but overall I feel fine. Nothing over-used. I did pop an ibuprofen, though. The legs will be revived by morning. Tomorrow will be longer yet.


Scrappy Cat said...

It's really neat reading about your trip. My DH went to high school in Hoxie!

john.p said...

Did he know an Elaine Wegman? One of my close friends in college married Elaine, and she would have graduated high school around 1974. I was thinking of her as we went through town.

Scrappy Cat said...

He says that the name Wegman sounds familiar, but he graduated from high school in 1968, so he's not really sure.