Sunday, April 27, 2008

Morrell Mushroom Quest

Well, this weekend was calmer than last weekend (remember the pasture fire post?). We finished the pasture burn that we couldn't finish last weekend and all went as planned, dang it! Not much to journal about when all goes well. With our recent rains and sunshine, mushrooms are in season. Had to go out and hunt some morrell mushrooms. It's been years. This post shows how that went and a couple bonuses of the hunt.


Wendy said...

Your journal pages are just wonderful - I love the way you lay them out & fill them right up. We used to go mushrooming in New Zealand when I was small, but I'm a big city girl now.

MaryO said...

I've spent toooo much time browsing your journal pages. Loved every minute, however....thank you for sharing!

simplyred said...

As I've told you before, I love your journaling style. Just wonderfully creative and fun. Good job (sorry about the flight problems but glad for the morrells, they are wonderful!)

Ms. Ernie
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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog! Your pages are great - I love the combo of little sketches and text. And they are so nicely colorful too.