Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sick Time

Well, I thought I made it through the flu season successfully. Co-workers and general population were not getting the flu as much, and there were fewer articles in the paper about it so I was SURE I had it made. Nope. A month ago I got it. Took me out of work three days. Thought I was better so I went back a day then relapse for another day. Mainly fever. Fellow members in another journaling group I'm in (LTJ) had been having flu, too, and one of them mentioned ginger tea, so I had it on hand. Don't know if it made a difference but is tasted good when other stuff didn't. On the seventh day I just had to sketch something! A catalog laying around had this cute cover photo; "SmartPak Canine". I'd like to give credit to the photographer but the cover credits don't give credit. I'm a dog lover and 'Sarge' just reminded me of dogs in my past, and the whole pack slumber thing is too cute.

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