Friday, April 18, 2008

It Begins

My first Post. In January this year I started sketching. Took an on-line class to get me going. After the class ended the sketching continues. There are a few journal entries already done that I'll be posting. This is my first blog of my first blog site, so this is a learning time for me. Here is an entry from a cold weekend this year when we ran out of wood for our wood burning stove (don't worry, we have a furnace, too).


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Excellent. John, I think these spreads are excellent. Both the words and pictures.

SCquiltaddict said...

Wow these are all so interesting...think this one is my fav...LOVE your journaling!!! its terrific

Lisalou said...

Ohh I had such fun seeing all your posts! You have a unique style! Can you share what online class you took that got you started?

trailbee said...

I like reading people's first post. It's like looking at the beginning of a personal journey into we're not quite sure where. We are brave souls.I presume your are retired. Don't mean to be too presumptuous.