Friday, January 9, 2015

Yet Another Tool

Well, do we ever have enough tools? This one I really needed, though . . . really. I'll be doing the electrical wiring of a storage shed we had built. Looking over my tools I see there is a new product out that would be useful. I NEED it. I can check to see if a circuit is hot just my holding this close to the wires, even through drywall! Don't need to actually touch the bare copper of a hot wire. Life just gets better.

As for the National Forests logo, I need to declare that I'm into calligraphy. I love fonts and letter layout. This logo was in an advertisement and it caught my eye. So old school. So well thought out. This isn't digital fonts cut and pasted into a fast production. Someone sat down and thought this through. I HAD to sketch it. Of course, it has nothing to do with the rest of the sketch, but it's my sketchbook.


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Oooh, that's a nice one! I'm enjoying your trips through the hardware store, John, AND your journal pages!

john.p said...

Thanks, Kate. You're welcome along any time. Feels good to be back at it. Journaling just feels like the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Hello John.
Great post and sketching!
And you're can never have enough tools...or brushes/pencils ;-)