Sunday, January 25, 2015

They're Done!

Another batch of journals done. These take some time to bind up when I don't have a long stretch of free time. But that's OK. Patience gets me to the final product, and I love using them.

This batch uses Stonehenge Printmaking, BFK Rives, and Strathmore Aquarius II papers. I've used the Aquarius II before and had some left over. The other two papers are new to me. In a past set of journals I used Arches Velin text wove and liked it. I prefer the lighter papers like printmaking paper because I don't use heavy watercolor washes. My tools of choice are fountain pens, art pens, watercolor pencil and a waterbrush. I sketch directly in ink so the paper's ability to hold a graphite line doesn't matter. I'd be interested in what papers any of you have a preference for?

This batch also uses end papers for my first time. These topographic maps are being recycled from a friend's engineering firm employer who was pitching them. I could see them in my mind as end paper so I spoke up for them and here they are now. They are topographic maps of Kansas, bound in a journal in Kansas by a Kansan. It ties it all together . . . plus I have a thing for maps.

Now I need to use them up so I can bind some more.


Beth said...

I love your books. There are a few of us who compulsively make books (smile). It is quite an addiction. It's very good to see you on the EDM yahoo group.

Shirley said...

Love your books.

john.p said...

Thank you both.

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

oh these are awesome! I've been collecting old books to kill. :) I cut out the text and bind up a block and stick in them.