Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lunchhour Coffee

I'm lucky. Topeka has several coffeeshop choices. Good choices. We used to live in a town of 14,000 in central Kansas and there was no 'real' coffeeshop. When I travel for the job to rural electric cooperatives around Kansas I spend time in really small towns. Love the small towns, but I miss my coffee. That's kinda shallow of me. But that's how it is. I like my daily routine of visiting a nice coffeeshop at lunch to have a cup and read or sketch. It's my little world for a short time. It's a splurge but as long as my paycheck can cover it (it's just a 12-ounce coffee, no cream, no specialty drinks unless it's a celebration) I'll continue.

On another topic, I'm trying to find my new sketching mojo. I know I'll continue. I'm hooked. But when in the day and for how long. Will I keep posting? What's my new routine to make sure it all gets done? Right now I'm grabbing time when I can. This is being posted on a Saturday morning before I get real work done around here. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. In my posting hayday I spend way too much time and late nights getting it all done. I need a better balance. When I evaluate all the ways I spend time, evaluate my collection of hobbies, I conclude that sketching makes the short list of 'must do's.

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jenna said...

Sketching should always make the short list, in my opinion. Blackbirds is cute! I'm spoiled in my big city with many coffee shops -- they're great sketch fodder.