Sunday, December 14, 2008

Huntin', Day 3

Well, it's probably my last day of deer hunting for 2008. Full moon last night will mess up the deer. They'll eat at night and sleep in the day. Sure enough. None seen today. Had a good sit, though. Listened to turkeys waking up and watched cold weather move in. Made one more sketch, but just in time. I was dressed for 50F and the cold front brought in 25F with 25-35 mph winds so wind chill was around 10F. I could feel it steal my heat by the minute. Shivering told me it's time to quit. Head for a warm home . . . wait for another year.


Scrappy Cat said...

That same cold front hit here too - when DH came in from fishing, it was 67F, it dropped 18 degrees in 30 minutes. It's now 29F! Not as cold as Kansas, but still cold.

I like your perspective in your sketch.

purplepaint said...

John - you would probably know this - when do the deer lose their antlers? My son found one in the foothills close to our house and I have been trying to figure that out ever since... Marva

john.p said...

Marva - I'm not sure, since you never see them, so I looked it up on Internet. December thru March but typically around February for whitetails. But, if I remember, you're Colorado, so mule deer and elk may be different. Our dogs escaped from the fenced yard one day and brought back a single nice antler of 5 points. I let them keep it to chew on.