Monday, December 8, 2008

Huntin', Day 2

On both days of deer hunting I watched a large group of turkeys. Still no deer, but these turkeys keep me interested. They seem content to strut along in no particular hurry. I made this sketch, too, while sitting in the brush. Need to work on my art gear box, though. It rattles around and makes too much noise as I walk in the field. Maybe a sponge or something crammed in to hold everything tight. Digging for WC pencils is too noisy, too, while I'm trying to be unnoticed. Need to try other methods.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I recently joined the EDM yahoo group. I just wanted to say how much I am ejoying your journal sketches. You are very inspiring, and I appreciate you sharing your work. Take a look at these pencil cases for keeping you WC pencils quiet and in order:

john.p said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Wendi. I went to the link, and I think that style would work fine.

Margaret Ann said...

Nothing like a noisey sketcher in a field full of wild turkeys...Love the image of it! LOL :)

mlenife said...

Your blog makes me chuckle. Mixed in with EDM with its flowers and kittens is your notes on hunting Bambi.
This comment is a little late, but I enjoy your sketches, because they are real visual journal entries. A little rough because they are not finished art. But that is the way you created them. Putting them up is brave.
One small complaint... some people post the materials used for every picture and I am curious about what you are using for your sketches.
Just a suggestion on the watercolor pencils...Have you seen ninjas carrying spikes in wrist sheath? You could wear a wrist sheath of pencils. That way you could whip out your CARAN d'ACHE scarlet 070 and either capture the light, or put out the eye of a charging grizzly!