Sunday, December 7, 2008

Huntin', Day 1

Deer season's here. Rifle season started Wednesday, but my project at work is keeping me from pulling any vacation time right now. Saturday is my first day in the field. If you're anti-hunting, don't worry because I didn't shoot anything. I packed my sketch stuff just in case. I was in my ground spot before sunrise. When the sun came up, this rascal became irate that I was in his turf. He commenced to letting me know about it. I just smiled and watched. When he wouldn't go away I thought I'd try to sketch him. Once I got the stuff out, he was gone. So I sketched him from memory and finished the journal entry while sitting there in the brush. Temperature was in the upper 30's.

I came back that afternoon and a group of over 20 wild turkeys walked by my spot, just behind me. I sat quietly and watched the parade. My best moments in hunting are watching the wildlife and tracking them.

*****Post 50!*** This is post 50 for me. On New Years Day this year I didn't know what a blog was and I had a 2008 goal to learn how to do journal sketching like Danny Gregory and Dan Price. Now I'm a blogger and on my journey to learning and living this journaling stuff. And it's still 2008. I feel good about that. And no teacher is here to give me a grade to instill self-doubt. I can be as optimistic as I want.


Anonymous said...

Having a "good sit" produced this so enjoyable read and sketch. I love it. You have more time for your book---I am thinking of one but would have to hurry and be stressed etc---I so enjoy NOT having a family member's favorite critique of anything I did, which was "What's it for?" E J MOrdasky

Scrappy Cat said...

Well John, I'm not a teacher, but I'd give you an A+!

Jules said...

John, I have you on my blog RSS feed so that I catch all your new posts - I love to see them. I am not a disciplined jourmaller and admire lovely books like yours.

Margaret Ann said...

Well John...I was a teacher...and guess are at the top of the class! A+++ You make me smile with every page you share! :)

Isn't the world of blogging unlike any other! Congrats on your 50th post! A big WooHoo! from the desert just for you! :)

Denise said...

"And no teacher is here to give me a grade to instill self-doubt. I can be as optimistic as I want."

Wow, that's really powerful! I need to get past the "grading" that my left brain wants to do with my work. Thanks for helping with the confidence.