Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas a'Comin

Wilma had a meeting to attend in Salina, which is a hundred miles west of us, for most of the day. Salina is a nice smaller town (bigger town if you live in a typical central Kansas town) we like to visit. I invited myself along so I could spend time urban sketching. I'm a member of Urban Sketchers Midwest and wanted some urban sketch time. I live in a rural area and Topeka is close but is big enough that it loses some of the small-town urban atmosphere that I like to sketch. Salina still has a neat downtown area. All the storefronts aren't full, but there is still healthy commerce going on. I had a splendid day, one that I couldn't have planned better. Sometimes you just throw yourself out there and sometimes everything clicks. My favorite interchange with the very young daughter of the coffee house owners, who walks around talking to us patrons, most of which I could tell were regulars. She had her tutu on over sweat pants and running shoes. We had a nice chat and shared a cookie (don't worry, the owners were watching to make sure the stranger acted properly).

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