Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Cold House

Just one more thing that needed to be fixed, which gave me something to sketch. Our furnace stopped working this morning. It's not freezing out yet, so it's not dire straits, but it's a very cool rainy dreary day. The bones get cold faster that way. I call a service guy. While we wait, I decide to bring in some wood from our wood pile so we can fire up our small wood-burning stove. But wait, it's been raining all night and is raining now, so the wood is soggy. With a rain jacket on I dig for drier wood and build a pile in the cold and wet weather. Seems like I wait for the worst weather to stock the wood pile. Doesn't take long for the repairman to arrive. He diagnoses the problem and changes out the ignitor and we're all fixed. I start up a fire anyway and brew up some coffee so I'm quite cozy as I sketch. Not a bad day after all.


Bei Price said...

great sketch! I'm sorry your furnace igniter stopped working, but glad it got fixed! Rainy days are definitely colder, plus they always make me feel down

nanke's stuff said...

Yes, a wonderful sketch! We narrowly averted the death of our furnace when it failed its "well baby check" awhile ago. We had to buy a new one. Glad yours is working again! nancy