Thursday, August 11, 2011

Omaha on Business

Well, time for our quarterly SPP TWG meeting. This time in Omaha. Our hotel is down by the restored Old Market area, so we can walk around after the meeting and check out their neat restaurants, bars and shops. Meeting with my peers is great but I like to get away from it, too. I knew there would probably be a big chain coffee store somewhere, but I like the small independents and if they were here, they'd be on the outside fringe area of the high rent district. Wednesday night I was in the mood for a decaf latte. I found Scooters in the high rent district, but they had no decaf. He recommended a competitor, and it was an independent! It's a neat little shop on the fringe of the developed area and they had my decaf. I decided to stop by the next day after our meeting disbanded at lunchtime and do a sketch and, since I'm there, have another cup of joe as I write the text. Sometimes I love business travel.


Claire M said...

Ah great little story and memory sketch! I can relate to 'wanting/needing to get away for a bit' on a business trip. I also favor the independent coffee houses, and I'm into decaf too. Fun to see your page!

Kim said...

If your in Omaha again, the Ted&Wallys in the Old Market is an independent ice cream chain. Good home made ice cream, interesting clientele. No affiliation, just live here and love the ice cream.

Cheryl Gebhart said...

I grew up in Omaha, but haven't been back in quite a few years. I remember the old market tho'. I've been away too long to have any recommendations of places to go.