Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Killin' Weeds

I can't help it there's been a lot of stuff to sketch lately. It's been a dry spell lately, but I figure I sketch when I see stuff, and I cool it when I don't. We finally had a calm dry evening so the wife and I jumped at the chance to spread weed killer for the dandelions. It's an annual ritual. I question the results, but we have piece of mind knowing that we did all we could to keep the weeds under control. Done 'till next year.


Claire M said...

What a great page - somehow I think reflecting on everyday tasks like this somehow makes it all feel better. I did a page this winter after I pruned my roses -- with the old rusty clippers and dirty garden gloves. The work was hard, but reflecting on it and doing the watercolor sketch afterwards sure made me smile. Your page here reminds me of it. I love the coloring on your wheelbarrow!

winna said...

You're supposed to make wine with the dandylions which I think tastes pretty rotten but used to make it to swap with a farmer for a basket of cantalopes which smelled so heavenly as you drove by their farm land when they were ripened. I love the colorful items you drew and I see you can come home late and holler Wilma to let you in, in case you lost your keys...:-)

john.p said...

You remember that cartoon, winna?! There aren't many Wilmas out there, so once in a while we get the Fred/Wilma comments. I always watched Flintstones, so I never minded the comments. I don't know about your dandelion wine, though.

Sandy said...

Ahh quality killing time ;-) Husb and I realized the weed killer we used was concentrated fertilizer, kills at first, then brings 'um back with avengence ala the Feeding ;-) smart huh?
Love this sketch, you gave the equipment such personality! Hope it takes.

freebird said...

You do a nice combo of words and illustration. I tend to forget to leave space for words. Hmm, could be I am a poor page planner. I ought to go back to Love This Journal lessons and start over!

"Sue N" said...

Ahh John, for the lanky leafy weeds I use a weed wand that has glyphosate in it (Zero is one brand)and you just brush the foliage -in 2 weeks dead weed.....and you only need the weather to be dry for 2 hours post application.

For broadleaf weeds (you know the horrible ones with the tap roots that break off & regrow!) you need 2 cups of favourite hot beverage, one knitting needle, and the kettle that boiled the water (with the rest of the boiling hot water).

Take a liesurely stroll in the morning with your cuppa and partner and identify the infiltrators......have your partner sneak up on the weed and stab it deep through the heart of its tap root with that knitting needle.....then you pour the boiling water on it & down the tap root....ex-weed. This is known as the Vampire method here in OZ and its very effective! Have fun with it and good luck with the weeds....I love your journalling.