Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Out With The Old

Happens from time to time. We live outside of town. Vandals hit mailboxes like frogs eat flies. It's a fact of life and as long as it doesn't happen on a regular basis (for some neighbors it does), I can live with it. It used to make me mad, but it's out of my control. They can strike at will and there's nothing I can do about it. My approach is to put up the cheapest box I can find to reduce my costs. I may try to straighten this one out as a backup, but the lid and flag and body are all bent. It may be a junker. I'm still pondering the significance of February (see sketch dialog).


winna said...

The town snowplows think they are bowling pins and try to get spares....this is a great page---the drawing is excellent and all the talk is entertaining as heck.

vickylw said...

How frustrating -- Nice lead-free sketch though!

We have our share of weirdness living in town as well -- lately strangers have been dumping un-bagged trash in our outside cans (what they don't just dump on the ground). We own a small apartment building and I guess they think it's public property. El Dorado has a limit on how many trash bags can be set out for pick-up, so this can be a problem, not to mention a mess for me to clean up.

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

ACK. People can be SO inconsiderate. I love the mailboxes that are made of concrete, or iron, and I do truly enjoy thinking of the shock that would go up the vandal's arm as they tried to destroy someone else's property. Idjets.

Good attitude, John, but I'd be going for one of those indestructible, bite-back mailboxes. ;-)

I like your drawing, though!

Quilt Knit said...

It sounds like time for the authorities to set up some video and prosecute Big Time!
Yes, I know about snow plows. The sidewalks here
have been horrible. Drivers called the Police on us poor pedestrians that had to walk for groceries.
Do not go to the bus stop phrase. The public boarding areas are the most horrible sites there are..
I complain every year that Public Transportation areas should be cleared 20' in each directions.

Mailboxes should not be considered fare game.
Demand Video Watch ASAP.

Quilt Knit said...

The drawing was wonderful! I am with Cathy - A friend had one made from bricks. I used to think that was funny. I do remember something about indestructible Rubber like mailboxes. It was advertised like the Gorilla and Suitcases.

Go for the Brick steel lined Mailbox.

Then you will know who did it.

john.p said...

Kate and QuiltKnit - We see a lot of the Rubbermaid boxes and they seem to work well. I have a problem with the fortress style. When a teen, my younger brother was riding our dirt bike on the road, looked back at our slow leak back tire, and did a full body impact on a mailbox. The farmer made it swing-away style so he was badly bruised up and sore...but he lived. If it was a fortress he could be dead. That's why I've adopted my easy-going approach. Let them have their devilment. Revenge may come at a high human cost. And if I were to build a fortress they would win because they controlled my behavior. I refuse!