Monday, November 24, 2008

Bottle Caps - Old Style

I haven't 'popped a cap' for a long time. Just bought a 6-pack that had the old caps. Can't get too cerebral about bottle caps. But they're neat! Never noticed before how nicely they're shaped ... and contrasting. The smooth crown with the jagged skirt. The light shade of color on crown and sharp shadows of the skirt. And they pull off the bottle top so smoothly. It's a better way. It beats the harsh feel of the omnipresent twist-top. But society won't be returning any time soon. So I'll just sketch'm.


winna said...

This is sure right up my alley being what it is and how well it is done. I bought a small box of bottle openers, recently (that the little store owner thought were not worth much) that I found fascinating---each one different and worth an intended sketch spread. Your comments really do justice to the lowly lid lifter....I wonder if others have collections?
Once again you have created a page worth mamy rounds of applause.

Alison said...

Greta page - soon people won't be able to identify these tools.

Anetka said...

cool sketches:)
I like this vintage stuff:))) brings lots of memories up.

Margaret Ann said...

Oooh this just sings to me...a bottle cap collection from the olden days dances in my mind....Nice spread! :)