Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not Mother's Day

This morning I was working in our garage on a woodworking project. I heard the cattle next door screaming out like the world was ending. In a way . . . it was. Our neighbor runs a small cow/calf operation, and today is the day they take this year's offspring to the sale barn. I take a look. Two heavy pickups with horse trailers loading up. They soon fire up their diesel engines, low gear, and haul them out. I made this sketch at 6 p.m. The moms were still bellowing, though less often. Some were still swiftly walking around, calling out and looking for their offspring. I sat down and did this whole entry in one setting. The moms were watching me, too. I feel for them, but it's just the way the world works when you're low in the food chain. That was an early lesson from my childhood when we raised our own beef and poultry.


Linda said...

Aw ... that would be hard to listen to! I love your sketchbook. It is a wonderful mix of drawing and writing.

Anonymous said...

I love your drawiungs and the little comments you leave to explain each drawing.You should make a book of them, they are good enough to sell.

kazumiwannabe said...

Sad!I hope I won't be a cow in my future life... Your sad mama cow drawing is a great illustration. Your journal pages are always surprising and interesting :)!