Sunday, October 5, 2008

Changing of the Guard

Kansas has been a hotbed for energy topics this year, both wind power and being shut down trying to build our next large coal-fired power plant. In our western half we have a few large wind farms. This week I drove from Topeka to Denver for a utility workshop. On my way home I stopped by the wind farm near Ellsworth to sketch. I wasn't going to make it back to the office in time to do work, so I took my afternoon break to sketch. Couldn't believe I found this composition of an old windmill next to a new one. The field has Winter wheat planted and just starting to poke through the topsoil. I did the whole journal entry while sitting at the field's edge in the shade. The loaded semi-trailer was sketched from a photo I found on Internet. I had it with me, because I was going to make a journal entry about wind power, anyway. When I was driving and saw the turbines, it all clicked that I needed to journal NOW.


Margaret Ann said...

I love the gentleness of your words combined with the power of your sketches...Both entries were contine to spark that journaling "bug" in us all!Keep them coming! :)

vickylw said...

What a great juxtaposition!

Sandy said...

GREAT sketch and journal entry here, I passed my first wind farm this weekend in Upstate NY, they surprised me and make quite a physical statement on the mountain top~! Now I have to try to post it too.