Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Open Mic

I was on business travel the last couple days in Tulsa. There a coffeehouse there that has an open mic on Tuesday nights. That's the night before my meeting so I had free time and took it in. It's a nice way to spend a night on the road.

With all the sketching of food on other blogger's sites I had intended to sketch my cheesecake. My problem is that it tasted too good. It didn't last long enough to sketch. At least the plates don't move fast.


Mary Walker Designs said...

If the food is too good to resist I snap a pic of it with my cell phone then eat and draw later. Maybe it's cheating but aren't you cheating yourself by not enjoying the food right away?

john.p said...

That way makes sense. Note to self. Thanks, Mary.

obat diabetes said...

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