Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pictures for Winna

At my friend, Winna's, request, here are pictures of our house, with a fresh coat of paint. The pictures don't show the left and right parts of this crooked ranch style house. Didn't paint them and I wanted to show the paint. The siding is Masonite with imitation wood grain. The siding came alive with the new paint. Didn't realize how dull the old paint was.

In the first picture, note the intersection of the porch roof and the house roof. That's where the wasps came out of to sting me.

In the second picture, the eave is 16' above ground where the walkout basement is. That was one tall ladder I had to climb. Glad I don't freak out with height.

I just took these pictures tonight because we have major rain moving in from the Gulf Coast tropical storm. Won't see the sun for a while, and it's the sun that makes the color pop out. Next I'll recondition and refinish the deck and porch woodwork. Never-ending.


Barbara said...

What a nice warm color!

winna said...

I just this minute found your site while on another EDMer's site...I never saw the house photos and you made me laugh when you mentioned the wasps--as that looks like my side kitchen porch and the wasps out there used to lurk in wait for me to go out with some recyclables or something to hang on the rail for an airing---this is how I was able to take some close up shots of them as they got bol enough to build right under the rail part---"movin in down" they were. Also "out back" which faces a big field the 2nd story windows are
soooooo high---so there was another laugh. THank you so much for posting the photos and check my flickr site I use most of the time now...

winna said...

as I reread my comment I see several mistakes---such as "movin on down".....and "bold"...which gives a different meaning if I'd gotten it right in the first all my typing I have to correct and recorrect before sending and these comment places do not have spell check that I am aware of..I see my word verification below for me to type our is"nasinge"..these words often seem to have hidden meanings I think--this one says--"Don't sing and Italian songs..."