Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just For Fun

Had some fun over the last week. Entered a promotional competition at Starbucks for their new VIA instant coffee product. Made a 2-minute video and posted it on and ( and titled "Using Starbucks VIA in the Kansas Wilderness"). Also entered a recipe for a hot drink I put together ( and titled "Wilderness Latte"). No way I'll win in a national competition, but it was fun doing it and I got my 5 minutes of fame by having it visible on the Starbucks website.


Virginia said...

John, I always enjoy reading your posts and soaking up your sketches.

Ramona Davidson said...

Living dangerously I see. Stepping out of your comfort is always a challenge. Good for you going for broke. Great journals and braveness.

Scrappy Cat said...

You crack me up John!