Friday, May 1, 2009

Just One More

I make no apologies . . . I'm an outdoor gear nut. A recent mail order sale, mixed with an already fairly new tent being too small for all needs, caused me to buy another tent. They are my little castle in the wild. A touch of security that really isn't that secure. But I think this one will do the trick. We'll see. It can hold my duffle bag and my banjo along with me, so that makes it close to perfect already. I set it up in the living room to check it out and decided to do my first sketch of it before I took it down.


winna said...

Love this tent---they'll keep making them better, tho---push a button and it sets itself up..

freebird said...

Oh never say never again! That just gets you in trouble when the next tent goes on a 50% off sale. I understand that iffy security feeling - I will just stay in my home and skip the tent alltogether! Did you put some of these in for the journal mag or give permission for it to be culled at any rate. Your pages are a good balance of writing and drawing.

Alex said...

I totally relate to outdoor gear love! I can spend ages in those camping gear shops mentally buying everything especially those cast iron ovens that you bury in the ground with a fire and it miraculously cooks your meal perfectly. Never tried it - it just looks so cool!
Love the journal page.

Sandy said...

Where is the shower ? (big grin)
Seriously, I know that joy of adventures ahead. Great page.

Quilt Knit said...

I would love to go camping. I did some with my kids were small. Then the world took over.

Nice tent!