Sunday, January 4, 2009


My garage/shop is my castle. I figure it's much the same with a quilter or painter or any other artist that has a work area. It's their kingdom, and when it's clean and neat there is a feeling like no other. To the outsider who views it, it's just a work area. Not so for the owner. And so it is with a recent purchase . . . my first rolling tool box, bought at a heck of a sale at Sears. It has restored order to a shop that was getting out of hand.

(Note: I also have a drawing table work area for my drafting, calligraphy and sketching, etc. , so I guess I have two castles. That makes me sound like a pig, though. Maybe I am, but I'm not giving up either one.)


Scrappy Cat said...

Well John, I have two areas too - and they are both complete rooms. My DH says all he gets is a little basket on the kitchen bar - poor him. Of course, he also gets the garage - and he has one of these rolling tool boxes too - so I know what they look like and you captured it perfectly.

Yy two areas are not very neat - and one of them I have to share with overnight guests, on the rare occasion we have any.

winna said...

'living' certainly is an interesting way to spend our time---and the wonderful things that come about unexpectedly--it often seems like this is the way it was supposed to be---our appreciating something we'd not really thought about and then BAM!----it happens....we are blessd with completing an action that improves our lives in many many ways. I love the drawing and the words.

angeltreats said...

I have a desk I use for painting and calligraphy, and a table for sewing. I'm so fussy about what goes on my desk and table and everything has to be in a certain place and I can't work if they're not 'right'. Glad to know it's not just me!

Margaret Ann said...

A perfect retreat for you...My DH has his castle in the garage also...He just hums merrily away when he is out there! :) Great sketch! :)

Quilt Knit said...

I had a DH. I bought him his tools. Guy did not even have a pocket knife. I had a pocket knife.
I was on a role to make sure He had a 'shop'. Bad Idea.
I dreamed of someday having my own tool box. I would drool in Sears. Not one saleman at that time would even discuss tools with me. When I said HD sent me- They would bring over everything.
Love the Tool Chest. Looking forward to mine. Of course I have a kitchen and fixing the art section up in the Great room of the apartment.

Tools, Camera, Kitchen, Art Section, Computer section, of living room. Gee looks like I have the whole Apartment as my Castle. I have to buy the following: The 3000' square foot Bedroom-- what am I going to put into that space?
Did you see those Bedrooms?

Sherrie Roberts

winna said...

I'd LOVE to see the military cup you speak of----have you sketched it yet? well, back to a Meleskine spread to cap off with some highlights now that it is bone dry and do a soda can EDM--my "take" just came to me and I'm itching to get started. Did you noice I got the Butterfly on the blog--"add a gadget" just appeared all of a sudden on the Layout settings---never was there before..