Friday, August 8, 2008

Trip, Part 5

On to Many Glaciers Lodge, on Swiftcurrent Lake. East side of the park. Had to decide what to do on our last full day in the park. I kept the agenda open so we could decide when we got there. Had no idea how we'd feel after climbing up to Sperry Chalet and back.

The last night in the park we're at Glacier Park Lodge in the southeast. Time to close down the vacation (blaaa). We'll catch the train at the East Glacier Amtrak depot.


Margaret Ann said...

Gosh...this trip with contine to delight you for years to come...Your journal pages make it come so alive...I am so fascinated by the great stanps you were able to accumulate...very cool documentation...I love the thought of the gentle rain and the crackling of the pine logs...Mmmmm...Thanks for taking is along via your journal! :)

Anonymous said...

John, I am so envious!! The trip sounds so delightful and your journal is a work of art. Amazing!